FRP Handrails and Floor Mesh Grating Platform

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About Us

We’re a New Zealand, family-owned and operated company; supplying FRP floor mesh grating, anti-slip products, and modular handrails and guarding systems direct to customers nationwide.

Fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) is a composite material made from a polymer matrix fused with reinforced materials such as glass fibres. FRP is interchangeably, also known as fibreglass reinforced plastic and glass-reinforced polymer (GRP). 
FRP is highly durable and suited to most conditions; requiring virtually no maintenance. FRP is non-conductive and resistant to chemicals and corrosion, fire, slips, and mechanical degradation from UV exposure. It also has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is simple to install. 
In our experience, FRP is often the right solution for small or large commercial, industrial, and municipal applications. One of the benefits of using FRP is its versatility – its adaptable to suit just about any purpose in a wide range of industries.
Our experienced, in-house specialists provide our customers with technical assistance and solution design. We have a workshop on-site with plenty of stock and the machinery for cutting and fabrication.
Talk to the team at FRP Products Ltd. We’re always ready to assist and help our customers find a solution.

Our Products

FRP Floor Mesh Grating Range

The products in our floor mesh grating range are suitable for stairways, decking, drain covers, platforms, cycle trails, and walkways. 

Our moulded floor mesh grating products feature maximum bi-directional strength with high load capacity and impact resistance.

The grit top on our floor mesh grating products withstand rigorous industrial and commercial environments; requiring virtually no maintenance once installed. We have also developed a barefoot-friendly gritted surface for shared paths, cycleways, and boardwalks.

FRP Anti-Slip Stair Nosing and Handrails on a Regular Floor Mesh Grating stairway

FRP Anti-Slip Range

The products in our anti-slip range provide an increased surface area that is durable, slip-resistant, and highly visible on the likes of walkways, ramps, stairs, and landings.

The products in our anti-slip range have a gritted surface made from premium quality carborundum sand (silicon carbide) and ISO resin. These two key components create a durable, anti-slip surface that will withstand the harshest of environments.

Our anti-slip products are a cost-effective alternative to tapes and paints; simple to install and low maintenance. They are easy to attach to many substrates, including steel, wood, ceramic, and grating with our fasteners and adhesives.

You can find our technical information regarding anti-slip resistance on our resources page.

Modular FRP Guarding System and Handrails in an industrial workshop

Modular FRP Handrails and Guarding Systems

Our modular handrail systems are suitable for stairways, platforms, walkways, and pedestrian barriers. And our modular guarding systems are suitable for perimeter fencing, pedestrian barriers, and machine guarding.

Both our of our modular handrail and guarding systems are exceptionally robust. They perform well in both interior and exterior environments, and wherever atmospheric conditions can quickly corrode metal systems.

Laboratory Testing

We have undergone multi-year laboratory studies to determine the effects of UV and product degradation, that verify the mechanical features of our structural components. We frequently engage an independent laboratory to batch test for consistent quality and ensure we meet relevant codes and standards.

For safety-critical applications, our systems either meet or surpass the criteria stated in:

AS/NZ 1657:1992 (fixed platforms, walkways, stairways, and ladders)

AS 1657:2013 (fixed platforms, walkways, stairways, and ladders)

AS 1657:2018 (fixed platforms, walkways, stairways, and ladders)

AS/NZ 4024:3610:2015 (safety of machinery – part 3610: conveyors)

AS 4024.1-2014 (safety of machinery set)

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