FRP Floor Mesh Grating and Handrails used in refrigeration storage facility

Product used: FRP Regular Floor Mesh Grating and Modular FRP Handrail System

The client initially saw our FRP materials on display at a trade show where we exhibited. Such showcasing of our work is essential as it shows that our products avoid expensive fabrication of steel alternatives. The client later utilised our FRP Floor Mesh Grating and Modular FRP Handrail System at a refrigeration storage facility.

The key products were:

• 38mm + 3 solid top floor grating to form the floor layers inside the freezer and chiller pods.
• 38mm standard mesh for all platforms and access stairs. Stair treads with integrated nosings.
• FRP modular handrail systems for all handrails associated with the access platforms and stairways.
• Retaining wall pedestrian barrier rails.
We faced many challenges during this project, but our experience, knowledge, and application ensured we overcame them to deliver for the client. We’re accustomed to working on large scale projects for businesses across New Zealand and can provide advice early on that will aid the delivery and efficiency of your project.

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