FRP Mesh Grating Fasteners and Accessories

We offer a range of fixing clips and fasteners to suit a variety of grating and mesh types for various applications and installation requirements.

Our M clips are designed to clamp down two load bearing bars to the supporting structure. M clips are also recommended for fixing stair treads. Our J clips are used in conjunction with our M clips, to secure grating to the supporting frames without drilling holes. And U clips are used in conjunction with our M clips to securely connect two unsupported grating ends to each other, preventing excessive deflection and trip hazards.

Our clips are available in 316 stainless steel. For clip quantities, we recommend: minimum of four (4) M clips per piece of grating, or six (6) per full standard size grating panel (3665 x 1226).

FRP M Clip Set
M Clip Set
FRP J Clip
J Clip
FRP U Clip
U Clip

Adjustable Hook Type Hold Down Latches

Our Adjustable Hook Type Hold Down Latches are designed for applications that require a straight pulling action.

The J hook is threaded at one end for easy adjustment, with a 90° rotatable base for horizontal/vertical latching with a load rating of 170 kg. It is commonly used to secure grating when quick, underneath access is required. The J hook is available in plated zinc or stainless steel.

FRP J Hook

Grab Handles

Formed from ABS plastic, our grab handles are ideal for applications that require a lightweight handle. They are normally used on our access gates or for lifting out FRP grating covers. Our grab handles are available in black or red.

FRP Grab Handles