Micro Mesh

Our Micro Mesh is slip resistant, durable, and low maintenance. Its two intermediate bars reduces the aperture to 7 mm. With its fine grit surface, it is both barefoot and high-heel friendly. Developed to be used in public spaces and recreational applications as a timber alternative, Micro Mesh is becoming progressively popular in a range of different applications.

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Our Micro Mesh is ideal for boardwalks, shared pathways, public recreational spaces, and marine environments – as well as many other applications. 
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Why Choose Us

To ensure we deliver a consistently excellent product and service, we’ve put our Micro Mesh to the test.

Available Colours

Micro Mesh Sizes

Load bar spacing: 38 x 38 mm (7 x 7 mm aperture)
25 mm thickness: 3665 (L) x 1226 (W)
38 mm thickness: 3665 (L) x 1226 (w)

*Non-standard sizes available upon request

*The colour range shown is an artist impression only, actual colours may vary as per the RAL colour chart

Ancillary Products

We have a range of fixing clips and fasteners to suit various applications and installation requirements, made from 316 stainless steel.
316 stainless steel is resistant to chemicals and corrosion, and does not need surface protection.
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Other Grating Products

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Mini Mesh

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Cover Top

For when an enclosed top surface is required
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Heavy Duty Mesh

For extra-heavy duty applications
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Please let us know if you require a copy of one of our product test reports, or for more information regarding the standards we adhere to.